About Nana Baby Home

Who we are at Nana Baby Home

and at little bit about our history:

Nana Baby Children’s Home has been a fixture in the St. Thomas community for thirty years. Founded in 1989 by Mrs. Louise Larcheveaux-Ali, “NBH” has cared for hundreds of children. Since its inception, NBH has provided a safe haven for children who are in crisis by providing 24-hour care.

Ms. Ali, the founder of Nana Baby Children’s Home, had a passion for helping children, particularly those who were abused and neglected. She took in children who needed a safe place to live, and cared for them in her home. NBH officially opened in 1989 as a non-profit, with the support of the Rotary of St. Thomas. Ms. Ali named NBH after her family, “Nana” for her mother, and “Baby” for her grandmother.

After Hurricane Hugo, the home’s roof was ripped off and Ms. Ali’s own residence was the only shelter for the children. The community stepped in and helped to renovate Ms. Ali’s home to make it safe and comfortable for the children. Today the home still stands and accommodates 12 children at a time. There are boys and girls rooms, a play room, an office, and nice play area out back.

Following Ms. Ali’s death in 2005, her sister Beulah Wilson, who had been helping Ali since the home opened, began managing the home with the help of the Board of Trustees, and her daughter Rita.

Children can be placed at NHB anytime, day or night. They are provided with love, and safety, a clean bed and a warm meal, among other things. Some children stay a few days, some years. All children are provided with everything they need for day to day life. Staff sees that all school and doctor’s appointments are met. Each child instantly becomes one of the family, and many return as adults to say “hello”. Nana Baby Home becomes a part of you. You know you can always find love and hope here.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) places children in the care of Nana Baby Children’s Home in a crisis. NBH is the only 24-hour facility on St. Thomas and will admit children all hours of the night. DHS provides NBH with a monthly stipend to help care for the children. Additional sources of funding have helped sustain the home over the years. Community partners and individual donors play a critical role in the home’s success. NBH relies on the support of community members to keep the doors open.

Since hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, Nana Baby Children’s Home has been dramatically impacted. Thankfully, the home sustained minimal damage. However, since then, the home has remained at capacity, housing 10 to 13 children at any given time. This was not the norm prior to the storms. NBH continues to try and keep up with the demands of nature as it supports children through each crisis, including but not limited to hurricane Dorian, and COVID-19.

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