Emergency Care:

The 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Program allows Nana Baby Home to provide round-the-clock support to children. Nana Baby Home works with Social Services, the V.I. Police Department, and other authorities to ensure children in need have a safe place to stay in the midst of a crisis. Being able to provide 24-hour access to support makes the Nana Baby Home uniquely able to care for families in the St. Thomas community.

Respite Care:

24-Hour Respite Care allows Nana Baby Home to provide temporary care to children who’s parents or guardians are hospitalized, or otherwise unable to care for their children for a period of time.

Transitional Care:

The Transitional Care Program provides a home to children who’s families are undergoing a significant transition of some kind, including but not limited to: divorce, incarceration, custody transfers, etc.

Adding Programs:

As Nana Baby Children’s Home transitions, we plan to expand our home to include the following:

After-school tutoring, skill-building groups, personnel training, kids community project, mentoring, home improvement, parenting classes/groups …and more

Want to make a difference? Choose a program to support, financially, with your time, or both!

Program Goals

  • Provide a safe emergency home placement for children
  • Provide comprehensive training to all personnel to enhance trauma-informed care
  • Create an environment that encourages self-esteem, personal growth and educational success in the face of a crisis
  • Foster an environment of love and lifelong relationships built on consistent support, appropriate attachments, and a healthy lifestyle
  • Support the V.I. Government and Human Services in parental reunification and improved family relationships
  • Encourage the development of skill building, community involvement, and inter-personal competency
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