Working together, we can help make a better home for children in these troubled times…whether you call and make a donation, make an appointment to meet in person, or support via online resources, you can make a difference!

Please reach out with any questions.

Imagine a child scared and alone…removed from parents and families who are struggling with abuse, addic- tion, or homelessness, facing entry into the public system. This is reality for many children.

But there is place that welcomes them.

For thirty years Nana Baby Children’s Home has been a safe haven, meeting the temporary, emergency, and transitional needs of vulnerable children, aging from newborn through twelve years old. When detrimental circumstances force the removal of a child from their home and family, Nana Baby Home is an unparalleled, loving place that welcomes our Virgin Island’s children. Nana Baby Home is the only 24-hour emergency placement home on St. Thomas for children in crisis, fulfilling a desperate need in our community.

Nana Baby Home depends on donations and support from compassionate businesses and people like you, for food, clothing, professional caregivers, medical assistance, and a myriad of other needs to care for orphaned children in an emergency.

Why donate?

Because every child needs love and safety. A child can never have too many people love them, but they often have too few.

Why not today?

With your generous support, a child can be rescued from abuse, neglect, or unforeseen circumstances, and welcomed with loving, protective arms. We accept one-time, monthly, and yearly donations, and are thankful for any sum you are willing to give. Please call (340) 775-0044 or email “nanababyhome@gmail.com”, with any questions or for more information.

Thank you for caring for our babies.

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