Homeschool Glow Up 2020

Hello! We are working on our “Homeschool Glow Up!” and could use your help! Because all of our children will be distance learning for at least one semester due to COVID-19, we are creating a space that feels like LEARNING! Change is exciting, and we are long overdue. The general living room will become our Homeschool Haven, a classroom for all ages. We are asking for your help in locating a few items such as, a long table, one that possibly seats 6, chairs to accompany the table, cubbies, shelving or a few desks, etc. We want this area to feel inviting for our children. We have one small table and chairs, and an easel for our littlest learners that was donated already, and we’re so excited! Please reach out via email to, or send us a message here! THANK YOU! As always, we couldn’t do it without your support!

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